2018 Rural Grocery Summit

June 25-26, 2018, Manhattan, KS


Poster Session at 2018 RGS
2018 Rural Grocery Summit Sessions


Grocery Operations: Cooperatives as a Model of Grocery Ownership

Healthy Food Access: Best Practices and Resources for Individuals and Organizations Working with Rural Groceries

Technical Resources for Identifying and Accessing Healthy Food

Healthy Food Access

Healthy Food Access: Strategies to Increase Healthy Food Sales

Grocery Operations: Rural Grocery Best Practices

  • “The Commercial Kitchen and its Many Uses,” Jeanne Roberts, Jonathan Elliott, Silvia Olvera (Plains Community Foundation)
  • “Hometown Grocery Store: An Experiment in Rural Economics,” Carly Whorton, Chad Bontrager (Cecil K’s Hometown Market)
  • “Creating Income and Value Using Local Products,” Don Sorby (Maple Grove, MN)
  • “Best Practices,” Nick Graham (Iowa)

Grocery Operations: Responding to the Food Distribution Challenge

Grocery Operations: Models of Ownership

Healthy Food Access: Restoring Grocery Access: The Vinton, Ohio Story

  • Caroline Harries (The Food Trust)
  • Terri Fetherolf, Director of Development, Vinton County, (Healthy Food for Ohio)
  • Valerie Helby, The Finance Fund, (Healthy Food for Ohio)

Grocery Operations: Continuity Planning for Succession or Disruption

Healthy Food Access: Stifling Efforts to Build Local Food Systems: How Preemption Can Impact Your Community’s Access to Healthy Food

  • Mary Marrow (Public Health Law Center)
  • Missty Lechner (American Heart Association)
  • Natasha Frost (Public Health Law Center)
  • Ashley Jones-Wisner (KC Healthy Kids)

Grocery Operations: Grocery Ownership Models that Meet Community Needs and Opportunities

Funding: Funding Opportunities for Rural Grocery Operations and Healthy Food Access

Strengthening Nutrition across the Food System

Grocery Operations: Dealing with Dollar General