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Rural Grocery Initiative

Welcome to the Rural Grocery Initiative

The Rural Grocery Initiative, housed within K-State Research and Extension, aims to sustain locally-owned rural grocery stores to enhance community vitality and improve access to healthy foods by identifying, developing, and sharing resources that support grocers and rural communities.

Webinar Series

Rural Grocery Succession Planning Monthly Webinars

Grocery stores face many uphill battles, from competition, to slim profit margins, to high operating costs. But another often-overlooked challenge affects not only grocers, but also entire communities: business transition. In other words, who will take over the grocery store once the owner is ready to move on?

Creating a transition plan helps ensure the grocery store continues operating, even after the owner exits the business. This is crucial in rural communities, where grocery stores are anchor institutions.

Join us every third Thursday to learn strategies for creating a prosperous and sustainable ownership transition. Register here.

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Mentorship Program!

Grocery Business Transition Mentorship Program
The Grocery Business Transition Mentorship Program provides rural Kansas grocers with in-depth, customized technical assistance on a range business transition topics. This program gives grocers and community leaders the opportunity to work alongside a mentor to help plan the future of their grocery store.

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Your gift makes a direct impact, as it increases the number of communities RGI serves. Every gift, no matter the amount, allows the RGI team to meet with more community leaders and share resources.

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