2016 Rural Grocery Summit

June 6-7, 2016, Wichita, KS

Agenda (pdf)


  • "10 Years of Being America's Youngest Grocer: Growing a business and sales in a declining area,” Nick Graham
  • “What I Learned about Rural Grocery Stores by Visiting Towns Across Kansas,” Marci Penner, Kansas Sampler Foundation

2016 Rural Grocery Summit Sessions

Accessing Funds for Your Rural Grocery Store

Business Transition: Succession Planning

Conducting Community Food Assessments

Understanding Rural Grocery Owner Challenges / Customer Needs

Aggregating Food Operations: Food Hubs

Accessing Funds for Your Rural Grocery Store

Innovative Models of Rural Grocery Operations

  • Farmhouse Market: A Small Market that’s Big on Technology – Kendra Rasmusson (New Prague, MN.)
  • “The Butter Churn: Providing Real Food When Your Customers Just Want Cheez Whiz” – Stephanie Freeman (Woodhull, IL.)
  • “Hospitals and Grocery Stores Collaborating for Healthy Food Access” – Brian Dolezal (Clara’s Corner Café, Hoisington, KS.)

Encouraging Rural Customers to Shop Healthy

Increasing Healthy Food Options for Rural and Diverse Populations

  • Maine Healthy General Stores (Healthy Small Stores in Rural Communies)” – Daniel Wallace (Coastal Enterprises Inc.), Sandie Dubay (Healthy Acadia), The Food Trust
  • “Increasing Food Options for a Diversifying Population: When Tortilla Chips are Not Enough” – Jon Wolseth, Lisa Bates (Iowa State University Extension and Outreach)

Strengthening Access to Healthy Foods

  • “Examining the Impact of Food Deserts and Food Imbalance in Rural America” – Mari Gallagher (Mari Gallagher Research & Consulting Group)
  • Can Walking and Biking Help Sustain Rural Grocery Stores? – Marisa Jones (Safe Routes to School)
  • “A Case Study of Strategies to Increase Grocery Sales” – Dr. Hikaru Peterson (University of Minnesota)

Rural Grocery Best Practices

  • “Creating Community Networks” – Clint and Jenny Osner; Nancy Koester (Hired Man’s Grocery and Grill, Inc.; Conway Springs, KS.)
  • Open for Business: Serving the Community” – Pam Budenbender (Onaga Country Market; Onaga, KS.)
  • Facing the Giants: Small Town Grocery Store – Doug Thompson (Chapman Food Mart; Chapman, KS.)

Food Distribution: Challenges and Solutions

Policies to Strengthen Healthy Food Access

Mapping Food Access

  • “The Health of Healthy Food Access” – Pat Rissler (Sociology Graduate Student)

Increasing Healthy Food Access in Your Community