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Rural Grocery Initiative

School Based Ownership Model

For resources in starting a school based store, a helpful first step is to call the NetWork Kansas referral center at 877-521-8600or email at info@networkkansas.com.

Begin a discussion with officials of the local education establishment.

  • The public school will still run under the non-profit status of a public school but the school store will be making retail sales.
  • If you are forming this grocery store under a private school, seek legal counsel before pursuing this grocery store business model.

Ensure school is comfortable with hiring students as employees. An EIN (Employer Identification Number) will be used when hiring any employees. A school will have an EIN filed for the existing school faculty. The use of this EIN will be necessary when hiring the new employees of this grocery store. Any questions about the EIN can be directed to the IRS at 1-800-829-4933.

Begin research for taxation on items being sold by the school. Schools are required to collect sales tax on all tangible personal property. For this reason, the use of the Kansas Tax ID Number will be necessary. For more information about this requirement, please contact the Kansas Department of Revenue, 785-368-8222 (go to option 5 then option 2). A representative there will guide you.

Go over the Grocery Store Licensing and Certification Guide (Found in Step 3) for resource information on applicable Kansas licensing requirements.

Check with your city clerk to see if they require a local business license.

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