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Rural Grocery Initiative


Financial tools for rural grocery stores include connections to financing entities and programs that support the development and expansion of food networks and rural groceries.

Financial Resources Catalogue



CDFIs Funds Capacity Building Initiative

The CDFI Fund’s Capacity Building Initiative for Financing Healthy Food Options is a tool created by the US Department of the Treasury. This tool details both public and private sources that fund food related initiatives.

Loan Readiness Indicators



Loan Readiness Indicators for Non Profit Organizations

IFF’s Loan Readiness Indicators. This tool was shared from IFF, a non-profit organization that supports rural grocery investment. The Loan Readiness Indicator sheet is a guideline intended to help a store owner consider their financial readiness before accruing additional loans for growth.

Federal Resources:

USDA Rural Development Financing for Food Hubs



USDA Rural Development Financing for Food Hubs

Prepared for this tool kit by the Kansas USDA Rural Development, this document details food and business related funding initiatives through the USDA Rural Development.

Energy Efficiency Funding



Energy Efficiency Funding

USDA Rural Energy Assistance Programs (REAP) provides financial assistance to reduce the costs related to increasing energy efficiency. Funding assistance may be used for building efficiency (i.e., insulation, A.C., furnace, windows and doors) or equipment upgrades (i.e., refrigeration and freezer units).

USDA Rural Development


USDA Rural Development

In addition to the rural grocery specific resources above, a full listing of USDA Rural Development resources can be found at this site.

State Resources:

Kansas Department of Commerce


Kansas Department of Commerce; Business and Community Development Division

The Kansas Department of Commerce oversees community and business development resources.


Private Resources: Private organizations with an emphasis on funding business start-up and food related initiatives include:

NetWork Kansas


NetWork Kansas

A non-profit organization that can assist with accessing financial resources for entrepreneurial efforts and start-up businesses.




A non-profit organization that supports community development initiatives and funding.

Financial Projections Excel Sheet



Financial Projections Excel Sheet

This spreadsheet provided by score.org is a template for financial projections and planning.  More information and resources are available at www.score.org.


Case Example of Rural Grocery Financing:

Financing Healthy Food Options



Financing in Action

Rural Pennsylvania Funding Case Study: This case study is an example of a successful funding initiative using the Reinvestment Fund (TRF) to support rural grocery stores in Pennsylvania.


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