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Rural Grocery Initiative

Business Organization

Resources for business organization are intended to assist a grocer with details related to exploring models for organization. Recognizing that store viability is sometimes victim to a declining population base, this section provides options and ideas related various operation models.

Community-Owned Enterprise

Rural Grocery Ownership Models: Case Studies  

Community OwnedText PDFFull Color PDF
CooperativeText PDFFull Color PDF
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Public/Private PartnershipText PDFFull Color PDF
School-Based ModelText PDF Full Color PDF
Sole ProprietorshipText PDFFull Color PDF 

Community-Owned Enterprise

Emergence and Growth of Community Supported Enterprises

This document, created by Norman Walzer and Jessica Sandoval examines local efforts by public officials and community leaders to develop Community Supported Enterprises (CSEs). This is becoming one of the more popular business models to retain rural grocery stores.

Rural Grocery Ownernship Models



Rural Grocery Ownership Models: Brief Overview

Created by John Baily, of the Center for Rural Affairs, this guide provides examples of ownership models that have been successful in rural communities.

License and Certification Guide



License and Certification Guide

Whether starting a store, or maintaining one, this guide is a helpful checklist to know that your store is compliant with Kansas licensing and certifications.

Grocery Start up Profile



Grocery Start-Up Profile

Produced by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, this document details many considerations for store operation including building and equipment.

Business Plan for An Established Business



Business Plan for An Established Business

This document, created by SCORE.org, guides a business owner through the development (or redevelopment) of an effective marketing strategy.


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