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Rural Grocery Initiative

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Snap is a Boon to Urban and Rural Economics - and small-town stores may not survive cuts.

Food Stamps Cuts Could Hit Rural America Hardest

CECD and Department of Sociology partner with The Food Trust to launch the Center for Healthy Food Access


Kansas Food First - Summer 2017 Edition

This Small Town Refused to Settle for Walmart When Its Last Local Grocery Store Closed

Nutrition for all:KSU helps new initiative improve healthy food access for Kansans

KHF dedicates more than $4 million to healthy food access


When the local grocery store failed, these folks stepped in to lend it a lifeline

Fifth National Rural Grocery Summit

Agenda for the National Rural Grocery Summit V

Nick Graham as Keynote Speaker for Summit

National Rural Grocery Summit Call for Presentations Reminder

St. John Grocery Store Closing

Call for Presentations and Abstracts

National Rural Grocery Summit V

Rural Grocery Initiative Feeds Small Communities

Video: Food Frontiers


Crawford County FEAST Addresses Local Concerns

Small Town Grocery with a Twist

Welcome to the Team, Kolia!

AFRI Follow Up

Chapman Food Mart - A Hometown Gem

Community food council hosts panel discussion about grocery store opportunity

K-State’s RGI Working to Increase Healthful Food Options in Rural Grocery Stores

Salina Hosts Meet and Greet to Discuss Local Food System


Rural Grocery Summit IV PowerPoint slides, agenda and sponsors

Rural Grocery Case Study

The Fourth National Rural Grocery Summit

K-State Receives USDA Research Grant to Advance Work with the Rural Grocery Initiative.

RGI Welcomes New Graduate Research Assistant


Field Foods in St. Louis

Save Energy and Dollars

Fall 2013 Interns

Morland Mercantile Holds Grand Opening

Morland Community Foundation aims to open community kitchen

Customer Service a Family Priority

Kansas Grocery Earns Small Business Awards

Rural Grocery Store Funded by Non-Profit Organization


Video:Growing A Small Town: What local resident Fred Smith is doing to keep Tipton, KS alive


New Grocery Store Opens in Onaga

Video: Congressman Moran commends community grocery store in Grainfield

Video: Rural Grocery Initiative TV Spot

Video: KSMQ's "Health Connections" - Rural Grocery Stores

Video: Garden of Eden Grocery Store in Little River, KS

Video: CECD Rural Grocery Initiative 

Video: Rural Grocery Store Summit 2010

Prior to 2010:

Video: Minnesota youth keeps rural grocery store alive

Video: America's Heartland, Small town saves grocery store

Video: Simple Truths of Service