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Rural Grocery Initiative

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Webinar 6: Funding the Transition 

Let’s work on fitting the funding puzzle pieces together. We’ll hear from Stafford County Economic Development and feature a recently completed grocery project in Central Kansas that compiled more than 10 types of funding to make their store a reality. For current and prospective grocers, this panel of funders will share details on relevant funding opportunities - federal, statewide, local, municipal and others - that can be used to support rural grocery. While some of the funding opportunities discussed are available across the country, this webinar will have a focus on Kansas-specific funding opportunities.

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PowerPoint slides (pdf)

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Sponsors and Partners

This webinar series is sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation through the Heartland Challenge.

It is presented by the Rural Grocery Initiative, in partnership with Kansas State Research and Extension, NetWork Kansas, the Kansas Rural Center, the Food Co-Op Initiative, and the Kansas Center for Business Transition.


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