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Rural Grocery Initiative

Rural Grocery Succession Planning

Rural Grocery Succession Planning

Grocery stores face many uphill battles, from competition, to slim profit margins, to high operating costs. But another often-overlooked challenge affects not only grocers, but also entire communities: business transition. In other words, who will take over the grocery store once the owner is ready to move on?

Creating a transition plan helps ensure the grocery store continues operating, even after the owner exits the business. This is crucial in rural communities, where grocery stores are anchor institutions.

What will you learn?

In 2021, the Rural Grocery Initiative hosted an 8-part webinar series, Keeping Groceries Alive: Successful Ownership Transitions for Rural Grocery Stores. We only scratched the surface!

This webinar series will dive deeper into succession planning considerations. We will hear directly from rural grocers and resource providers to learn:

  • Best practices for increasing business value
  • Tips for finding a successor
  • How to set up new business owners for success
  • Nuts and bolts of emerging ownership models
  • And more!

Webinar Schedule

  1. January 20 - Business Transition Overview - Watch Recording
  2. February 17 - Business Valuation 101 - Watch Recording
  3. March 17 - Transitioning a Small Format Grocery Store - Watch Recording
  4. April 21 - Beyond Grocery - Watch Recording
  5. May 19 - Purchaser Perspectives - Watch Recording
  6. August 18 - Consumer Cooperatives - Watch Recording
  7. September 15 - Worker Cooperatives - Watch Recording
  8. October 20 - Grocery-Municipal Partnerships - Watch Recording
  9. November 17 - Community-Supported Groceries - Watch Recording
  10. December 15 - Lessons Learned & Key Takeaways - Watch Recording


This webinar series is sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation through the Heartland Challenge.