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Rural Grocery Initiative

Call for Presentations and Abstracts

On behalf of the Kansas State University’s Rural Grocery Initiative (RGI), we invite you to submit an abstract or panel presentation to our Fifth National Rural Grocery Summit, June 6-7, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Wichita, Kansas.

Local grocery stores are vital to rural America. These stores provide essential jobs and taxes. They are an important source of nutrition and health. Grocery stores are where we meet friends, catch up on the latest news and stay connected. Like schools, post offices, and cafes, grocery stores are community assets that attract and retain citizens. A thriving local grocery store is a sign of a healthy rural community. Yet, rural citizens continue to lose access to healthy foods and their rural grocery stores continue to struggle.

We are, therefore, very interested in receiving abstracts regarding successful and innovative approaches to establishing or sustaining rural grocery stores and / or rural food access.  The deadline for receiving abstracts or panel suggestions is March 15, 2016.    

For more information, please view our conference website https://conferences.k-state.edu/ruralgrocery/call-for-presentations/ to see details for submitting an abstract and a detailed description of conference themes.