Past Summit Testimonial

Thank you for passing on the invitation to this year's Rural Grocery Summit. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend as I will be en route home to Nebraska after spending a year and a half living and working in the Balkans.

Regardless, I wanted to thank you for your and your team's work in this area; being apart of the Circle C Market and Entrepreneurial Center project in Cody, Nebraska, was extremely significant in my high school ensuing pursuits. I've used the knowledge gained working on that project and presenting at conferences like the 2012 Rural Grocer Summit in my work with a USAID scholarship program in Kosovo and in my Master's program on Peace Studies in Belgrade, Serbia. 

K-State and other influential supporters of our project have had so much to do in my own and others personal development, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your commitment to our rural communities across the United States.

I hope someone from Cody-Kilgore will be able to join the Summit this year!

All the best,

Annie Cheney